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Welcome to BattleBabes®.com!

We specialize in multimedia entertainment for teens and adults. Looking for something exceptional, classy, sassy and fun? Then you've come to the right place. Please tap a selection below and enjoy our site and what we have to offer.

- The Battle Babes team.

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Battle Babes® - The Video Game!

Take one of our fighting girls into your own hands! Literally!! Join the battle to determine which of our girls is the ultimate defender of the universe - in classic "might is right" tradition. Experience the Battle Babes in a Street Fighter™ style fighting challenge to determine who's best. And don't forget to check out the in-app galleries, slideshows and special surprises!

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The Printed Calendar Series

Looking for the perfect Calendar or sassy yet practical gift idea?
Battle Babes has a calendar for that!

In classic pin-up girl tradition, even the Battle Babes are not immune to a photoshoot opportunity. Battle Poses, Pin-Ups, Cheesecake, Danger, Robots and more... whaterver your preference you're sure to find it in these showcase calendar sets.

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The Pin-Ups, Posters and 3D Digital Art

Looking for 2D or 3D Pin-Ups, Cheesecake and classic Pin-Up Girls Posters?
Battle Babes has a pin-up for that, too!

In the even more classic tradition of cheesecake and pin-ups, the Battle Babes go all in and bring cheesecake sassy back! Space Babes, Goddesses, Lingerie photoshoots and more... this is the pin-ups, posters and digital arts collection to shatter the universe!

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The CosPlay and LARPing Forums

Are the actual super powers the only thing you are missing?
Battle Babes has the formula -- uh, I mean, forums!

Every once in a while, we get to take it to the streets and meet some of our fans on the cosplay trail. Step onto Battle Babes' memory lane and view, enjoy, rate and discuss the costumes and intensity of your fellow and like minded individuals.