Arnet reports to Shittown in response to a summons from the local "sherrif". What she discovers is betrayal within the ranks of the Battle Babes!

These are the first two pages, and below is the matchig segment of script. I *really* wanted to get that third image in there, showing her both going into and coming into the bar; but I couldn't quite work out what to sacrifice to make it happen. Thining aoout it now, I guess I could go with the back view at the bottom and start page 3 with the front view; but... we'll see.

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Battle Babes: Arnet's Quest

Words and Graphis Copyright © 2021 Edward C Ganges
All rights reserved.
Story by Patric Ganges, Edward Ganges


Surveys the town from below, she gets help from her pet, Talon. A GRIFFON a bird,fish.dragon,like creature. Talon. From up high in the air he is able to see everything. He is the perfect hunter.His species has the ability to see his pray from 400 yards out on land or sea. With one bite he can track his victims for miles. His dragon like skin and tail are used for protection.

swoops down and gives her the all clear sign

The saloon
She enters the inside. It is dark and smokey void of any concerns.

(she approaches the bartender)where can I find her?)she hands the bartender a note with a name on it.

(Ha you are looking for Abduxuel. What do you want with her?)

I mean to take her in. (pause) or kill her.

(you should not be here. (Battle Babe)

(Stands after slamming his hands on to the table)
I am Targuls. General to Queen Abduxel.

TARGULS= RAT SLUG BACKWARDS PRODUCT OF THE SHATTRING. They are very strong and produce a slime like substance that can immobilize his victims.

oooooh. so I get to kill a rat and a Queen.