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Pin-Up Fighting Girls of Battle Babes®:
2D & 3D Cheesecake, Pin-Ups, and Posters Art Series

Welcome to the Battle Babes Pin-Up Series! In this series, the Babes put the battle on hold to help us bring Cheesecake back.

Whether it's for your friend, your workspace, your bedroom, dorm room, bathroom or shed, welcome the hottest pin-ups in the ShatterVerse™!

Classic Cheesecake, Pin-Ups and 3D Poster Art Series

We don't know what she did, and we don't know what she didn't do; but, whatever it was it seems to be shrouded in mysterious implications.
Kandiice & The Crab Droid 3D

Kandiice & The Crab Droid 3D
Red/Blue Glasses 13"x19" 3D Pin-Up Print*
As impressive in actual print as it appears on your screen, when viewed with 3D glasses the image depicts a VERY heavily endowed beauty in either peril or protection of a VERY curious world exploring mechanical monstrosity.

*Please note that although you may see some ghosting on your monitor, that "digital" effect is NOT seen in the actual prints, which have practically NO, if any, ghosting at all.

Price: $7.95 USD + shipping

About the prints:
Each of these exquisite pin-ups is printed on 65lb Epson Ultra Premium Semi-Gloss Luster Photo Stock and ships lying flat inside a cardstock mailer in its own acid-free archival quality personal polythylene slipcase. Designed as high quality digital art, all posters in this collection are crafted with the highest attention to detail and are designed to both tease and please!

More prints in this series:

Choose one of the pinups above, or choose from the full Girls of Battle Babes collection below!

Frioella™ Series - Pin-Ups and Poster Art

Don't get caught out in the cold!
Whether opening a portal into a new region of the Battle Babes multiverse, weilding the worlds most outragous fireball or whether conjuring ice demons and snow dragons, Frioella is always hot to get the job done!

Frioella 13"x19" Portal Maker Pin-up
This digital print depicts Frioella harnessing the energy of her chi to open an interdemensional portal for herself and her teammates.

Price: $7.95 USD + shipping

Fuegagata™ Series - Pin-Ups and Poster Art

Get ready to pounce!
It's time to gear up and grab one of these digital art prints depicting the firecat at her most seductinve, subtle, alluring and deadly. If Fuegagata is the Battle Babe that lights your fire, then now is the time to add this extra deadly kitty to your firehouse wall and let her help you keep track of the time!

Feugagata 13"x19" Tick Tock Pin-up
This digital image print depicts Fuegagata patiently waiting to unleash a fire-claw attack on an unsuspecting victim.

Price: $7.95 USD + shipping

Scarlet Viper™ Series - Pin-Ups and Poster Art

Buyer beware!
She's sexy, seductive, laid back and dangerous. She may even be willing to tell you her secrets. But then, she'll probably have to kill you. Before that happens, you can take one of her elegant and beautiful prints home and let her know where your heart is! Even if she is just as willing to shoot you as kiss you.

Scarlet Viper 13"x19" Geared Up Pin-Up
This digital image print depicts the always well equipped Scarlet Viper seductively contemplating her options to either kiss you or kill you.

Price: $7.95 USD + shipping

Collect Them All!

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Designed as high quality digital art, each pin-up is printed on 65lb Epson Ultra Premium Semi-Gloss Luster Print Photo Stock and ships flat in its own acid-free archival quality polythylene slipcase inside of a heavy duty oversized mailer.
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