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For Immediate Release!

Battle Babes® v1.0 Released!
LANSDOWNE, PA, July 23, 2014 - Battle Babes is proud to be the latest "Street Fighter™" style app specifically built for Apple devices to be made available in Apple's App Store - AND it is still fully compatible with iPad 1.

General Features:
For those of you unfamiliar with this product, Battle Babes delivers the following features:

  • A base set of 6 beautiful Battle Babe contestants, unique animated stages per Battle Babe, original music per stage, unique fighting styles, virant colors, responsive UI and a pick up and play game design.
Featured Babes:
Battle Babes showcases some of the most beautiful fighting girls ever rendered, including:
  • Frioella - from the ice planet of Kryptos
  • Fuegagata - from the desert planet of Sandia
  • Scarlet Viper - from the richly appointed planet of CyUtopia
  • Tenishi - from the frequently ravaged planet of Kaiju Ran
  • Magmama - from the molten planet of Lavandi Prime
  • Aqualuna - from the watery world of Luna Delta

The future is full of Battle Babes!
What lies ahead for Battle Babes is open to the imagination. Be on the lookout for these additional Battle Babes products coming soon:

  • Battle Babes: Girls In The Hood
  • Battle Babes: Immortal Godesses
  • Battle Babes: Project Runway
  • Battle Babes - The Comic Book Series
  • Battle Babes - products and merchandise

User Recommendation:
If you are or know a 15 year old, either in reality or at heart, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you try Battle Babes for enjoyment for yourself or for others!

Have fun!


Edward Ganges

Battle Babes® (The Video Game)
Version 1.0
Now available on the app store.

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